Behavioral Policies - Universal Camp Staff Handbook 2023

For Culturally Competent, Mentally Healthy, & Trauma-Informed Summer Camps

LEAD’s Universal Camp Staff Handbook is designed as a digital toolkit for camp professionals to download, adapt, and customize for their staff and community. This digital product challenges handbook norms and encourages camps to reflect on the purpose of each policy and guideline, as well as the consequences of exclusive and outdated policies within the industry.

LEAD’s Universal Camp Staff Handbook features trauma-informed, culturally competent, and anti-racist commentary on sections typically found in a camp staff handbook. LEAD’s recommended policies and best practices are informed by and based on our inclusive LEAD and Guest Contributor lenses to utilize in your distinctive community.

A full list of the Universal Camp Staff Handbook's Primary Authors & Guest Contributors, responsible for 600+ hours of policy evaluation, consolidation, and best practice incorporation, can be found here.

Table of Contents of "Behavioral Policies"

  1. Intro to LEAD’s Universal Camp Staff Handbook
    1. How to Use This Toolkit
  2. Behavioral Policies
    1. Communication
      1. Setting Expectations
      2. Boundaries
      3. Big Emotions & Difficult Conversations
        1. Hurtful Language
        2. Conflict Resolution & Restorative Justice
    2. Inclusion
      1. Statement of Inclusion
      2. Inclusion of Historically Marginalized Identities and Groups
        1. Disability Inclusion
        2. Gender Expansive Inclusion
        3. BIPOC Inclusion
        4. Neurodivergent and Neuroexpansive Inclusion
        5. General Inclusion
      3. Code of Conduct
        1. Standards of Conduct for Staff
          1. Dress Code
          2. Attendance & Absences Policy
          3. Information/File Protection of Campers/Staff
      4. Standards of Conduct for Campers
        1. Expectations
        2. Unacceptable Behavior


  1. References
  2. Sample Medical Forms

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